About Us

In the years since our foundation, Yuen Neng has developed and entered the International Market.


But we have not become complacent. We fully understand that to reach our long-term goal of sustainable development, we must continue to integrate product and technology innovation together with human resources improvement and expertise. We have adapted the following three principles to guide our future:


I. Develop Vertically to Ensure a Firm Foundation

Facing furious market competition, any enterprise must lay a firm foundation before thriving. We are following a vertical development strategy to increase production (by adding physical plant,) reduce production cost, and increase price competitiveness and market share.

II. Partnership with Hi-Tech Industries

The popularization of the Internet and smooth communication channels have opened a range of business opportunities. The 21st Century will be a time of competitiveness under the command of High Technology. Yuen Neng is continuing to invest heavily Ultra-Fine and Special-Metal wire research and development. We understand that these products, as well as new products yet undiscovered, will be leading the markets in the years to come.

III. Recognize our Staff and Customers

Due to our employee's great efforts and our customers' support, Yuen Neng has been able to reach our current success. We hope to continue to reward this professionalism by providing stock purchase and incentive programs, a retirement fund, corporate medical insurance, and international travel opportunities. For our customers, we plan to continue our dedication to high quality products, competitive prices, punctual delivery, and expert service. We strive to be a "Worry Free" partner and employer.