About Us

In the years since our foundation, Yuen Neng has developed and entered the International Market.

But we have not become complacent. We fully understand that to reach our long-term goal of sustainable development, we must continue to integrate product and technology innovation together with human resources improvement and expertise. We have adapted the following three principles to guide our future:

I. Vertical development, solid foundation

We plan to increase production capacity, reduce production costs, enhance price competitiveness and expand market share by expanding machinery and equipment, and strive to become the market price leader. We uphold the principle of high quality and low price, small profits and quick sales, and truly give back to customers.

II. Integration of high-tech industries

We will invest a lot of research and development funds, and actively develop extremely fine wire and special metal wire to meet the needs of high-tech industry, so as to achieve sustainable development of enterprises.

III. Corporate social responsibility

Environmental protection and sustainability: We committed to reducing the environmental impact of our production processes. This includes reducing energy and resource consumption, adopting environmentally friendly production methods, and properly disposing of waste and emissions. Companies may invest in environmentally friendly technologies and equipment and continuously improve production processes to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and standards.

Employee welfare and development: We attaches importance to the welfare and development of employees, providing a good working environment, safe working conditions and fair compensation. In addition, the company may provide employees with training and career development opportunities to encourage them to continuously improve their professional skills and knowledge for personal and professional growth.

Product quality and safety: We integrate CSR the product design and manufacturing process to ensure that product quality and safety meet the highest standards. The company may invest in product testing and certification to ensure that products comply with relevant national and industry standards, and is committed to providing safe and reliable products to customers.