About Us

『 Quality, Persistence, Sustainable 』

Since its establishment, Yuen Neng has always adhered to the concept of "concentric precisely、sustainable management". All our employees work together to strive for excellence and work together for the future of the company. In order to ensure the long-term development of the company, we have formulated long-term plans in all departments, and expect that the future development is the result of the joint efforts of all employees, and is committed to achieving positive interaction. We are not only pursuing our own growth, but also looking forward to customers to obtain the greatest benefits.

In the fierce market competition, to meet customer needs has already become the basic requirements of enterprises. In addition to ensuring customer satisfaction, we also hope to develop together with customers, and even walk in the front of customers to understand their future needs and market trends. We always win the recognition of customers with professional technology and precise quality. Enterprises always walk in the forefront of the market, and put the interests of customers first.

Employees are the foundation of an enterprise. We attach importance to employment attitude, pay attention to staff training, advocate the cultivation of corporate culture, so that each employee has a deep understanding of the company's mission, and promote the consistency of enterprise operation, interaction with customers, and the improvement of product quality. We are sincerely committed to providing customers with the best service, the most competitive quality and price.

We believe that only by adhering to the spirit of "concentric precisely", combining the power of enterprises, customers and employees to form a community, can we achieve the benign interaction between each other, mutual care and common struggle, so as to achieve the purpose of sustainable business.