About Us

Yuen Neng strives to improve ourself with business partners in order to ensure sustainable quality performance.
By close cooperation, continuous technology /quality improvements, as well as technical solutions, Yuen Neng advances itself day by day. Only through friendly cooperation, continuous technology & quality improvements, as well as maintained "Worry Free" services and products, can we achieve this goal.

Since our founding in 1995, Yuen Neng has experienced cutthroat competition, global economic depressions, and additional obstacles, still, within just over 5 years we have been able to expand our markets to reach Europe, Japan, and the USA.

Our efforts to improve production techniques, advance factory technology, and manage high product quality have paid rewards. We owe these successes to our expert staff. Their attitude of "Customer First" leads to the best possible customer service, highest product quality, and most competitive prices - no to mention customer trust and loyalty.

We firmly believe that, through combining enterprise, staff, and customers, can we concentrate our strengths to create WIN-WIN results.